Re: invalid arguments to public API: g_assert, g_return_if_fail or continue with undefined behavior

On Tue, 2005-09-13 at 15:02 +0100, Ross Burton wrote:

> I'd expect in a UI application they won't make much difference, but I do
> know that for the DBus port of EDS turning off asserts in DBus made a
> 20% improvement in the speed benchmarks...

What is the benchmark exactly?  I can imagine that a 20% improvement in
latency of address book retrieval might be interesting to investigate,
if it (for example) made contact autocompletion in Evolution noticeably
faster to the end user.  But my opinion is that removing or reducing the
asserts in D-BUS to improve an artificial benchmark unrelated to end
user tasks like "how many contacts can my script retrieve per second"
isn't interesting.  We could spend all day optimizing desktop IPC, but
our real speed problems are elsewhere (see Lorenzo Colitti's work).

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