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On Mon, 2005-08-29 at 13:29 +0200, Ole Laursen wrote:
> There are a couple of Emacs Lisp packages for guessing the language
> used automatically which work surprisingly well. Keeping some
> information between session may help too - e.g., if you wrote your
> last message to someone in language X, chances are you will use
> language X next time too.
> With effective heuristics, it may not be necessary to reserve a
> prominent place in the UI for the language option - although it is
> probably still necessary somewhere.

Microsoft Word contains some spell checking software which is able to
detect spelling errors of the whole sentence, not only in a word.
Apparently it's too far from the way (whatever)spell works, which is
what we currently have, and something like that would be the ultimate
solution for the problem.

Since there are no free software projects with aim to provide this that
I'm aware of, I suspect this is another "patented technology" preventing
science from taking a step forward. Bummer.
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