Re: Preliminary Gnome 2.14 Schedule

<quote who="Elijah Newren">

>   - In past releases, we did not specify an exact time when tarballs were
>   due nor when freezes began.  This ended up causing some
>   misunderstandings, cut down on testing time, and made it harder for
>   release-oriented projects (e.g. live cd, garnome).  So I'd like to make
>   this precise.

Well, it has always been 'global Monday'. Which is basically when the
people go to sleep. ;-) UTC might be a hassle for those who live in the past
such as them, but I don't disagree that more obviously strict timing will be
a benefit.

- Jeff

-- 2006: Dunedin, New Zealand     
     "Is your sense of identity inextricably bound to a large prime?" -
                               Michael Meeks

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