Re: Auric Implemented (mostly!?)

> Sexy demo. Might be sexier, running-wise, if the libsexy dependency
> was (1) checked for by configure and/or (2) was optional, since here
> it configures/installs without complaint and then fails to run because
> there is no libsexy on my current system.

For sure.  I'm still getting my head around the whole [auto]configure
script setup, having never used it before.  Any tips would be

As for the optional nature of libsexy, it actually is necessary, in an
indirect way, because if I have a plain GtkEntry, then either I can't
get my applet right-click menu (to remove or move the applet), or the
entry right-click menu (to choose my input method, for example) - I
can't merge the two

Libsexy helps out in this case because right-clicking on the icon and on
the rest of the entry do two different things.  Previously, I had a
separate GtkButton to the side, which you could right-click on, but it
never looked comfortable - and having the icon inside is a whole lot
sexier, obviously.  :)

On a side note - is (the IconEntry from) LibSexy a candidate for Project


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