Re: Auric Implemented (mostly!?)

On 9/11/05, Nigel Tao <nigel tao myrealbox com> wrote:
> For those who follow the AuricApplet idea on, those who
> downloaded previous versions of my deskbar, or simply those who are
> nostalgic for how epiphany used to be able to search from the address
> bar, I announce the Deskbar Applet version 0.4.  It's been a few months
> coming.
> It's been majorly overhauled, re-written, and sexed up (now with libsexy
> goodness).  It does beagle, it talks icons, it gives you your web and
> gtk bookmarks, files and folders, apps like abiword, flickr, imdb, cddb,
> wikipedia, google, yahoo, a9, and the kitchen sink*.  Really, it's a lot
> slicker than version 0.3
> Watch the screencast (approx 5MB flash file, generously hosted by
> sourceforge - you might have to try it a couple of times, though):

Sexy demo. Might be sexier, running-wise, if the libsexy dependency
was (1) checked for by configure and/or (2) was optional, since here
it configures/installs without complaint and then fails to run because
there is no libsexy on my current system.

Modulo that complaint, I'd love to see the current run dialog replaced
with this for an unobtrusive, high-impact upgrade.
> * well, address book integration is pending Python bindings for
> evolution-data-server.  But that never stops a good mock-up.

Is there any eta on this from the evo folks?


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