Re: GnomeMeeting 1.2.2

Sending again with the subscribed e-mail address and with more
information. Sorry for the duplicate.

> > In line with my other requests for information, care to share a bit
> > more about your goals for the 'opal' branch? I'm hoping you think
> > it'll hit for 2.14?
> >
> > Luis
> >

GnomeMeeting "opal" should be ready before the end of the year.

It will feature :
- a redesigned GUI
- a WIN32 port (hopefully)
- support for the H.323 protocol
- support for the SIP protocol (ie compatibility with many windows
softphones including Windows Messenger, XTEN, SJPhone, compatibility with Asterisk, SER, ...), 
with video support
- a Voice over IP platform for GNOME users sponsored by :
   * all users will be world reachable using a SIP address
   * virtual conference rooms support
   * voicemail support
   * talking clock support
A bit like what FreeWorldDialup is offering.

The purpose is to give all GnomeMeeting (and GNOME) users a VoIP address
to which they are always reachable. If they are online, the softphone
receives the call, if they are offline, the call is redirected to their

You could for example have a SIP address like sip:luis gnomemeeting net
to which other softphones could reach you. You will be able to call any
other SIP user worldwide using a similar SIP address. For example,
sip:dsandras gnomemeeting net or sip:00312313223 fwd pulver com for
PC-to-PC calls, or sip:003210444555 vonage com for PC-to-Phone calls.

SIP URLs will be stored in the Evolution address book.

I would say that GnomeMeeting 2.00 will be a mini revolution :
- on the GnomeMeeting side: with more VoIP protocols, still supporting
- on the services side: for a better experience of the GNOME user

I would like to thank for their donation allowing to provide
this service to GNOME users. 

It will be launched as a BETA service in the next months.

GnomeMeeting 2.2 will bring still more features, but that's for later!
 _      Damien Sandras
(o-     GnomeMeeting:
//\     FOSDEM 2005 :
v_/_    H.323 phone : seconix com

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