Unify metacity and libwnck menu icons as named icons

This is my trouble: I'm trying to port HighContrast icon theme to SVG,
providing those icons as named icon. See theme-list for details.

Currently Metacity provides its own stock icons

        #define METACITY_STOCK_DELETE   "metacity-delete"
        #define METACITY_STOCK_MINIMIZE "metacity-minimize"
        #define METACITY_STOCK_MAXIMIZE "metacity-maximize"
        <from metacity/src/menu.h>
and libwnck too

        #define WNCK_STOCK_DELETE "wnck-stock-delete"
        #define WNCK_STOCK_MAXIMIZE "wnck-stock-maximize"
        #define WNCK_STOCK_MINIMIZE "wnck-stock-minimize"
        <from libwnck/libwnck/xutils.h>
So we have 2 definitions for the same 'feature' and both are defining
stock icons. I.e. you have to use gtkrc if you want to change those

My blue-sky is
      * icons are defined in libwnck and used in metacity
      * icons are themable via icon theme spec, not gtkrc

There are still no open bugs on bugzilla (I suppose one for libwnck and
one for metacity. One for gnome-icon-theme asking to include pixmaps
too? ) but I like to know if someone if available to work on it in
2.13/14 timeframe.

Cheers, Luca.

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