Re: Keyboard usage on some Gnome windows not working

On Mon, 2005-10-10 at 15:53 +0100, Calum Benson wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-10-08 at 15:28 +0200, Frank Niedermann wrote:
> > It is possible to close some Gnome windows with the escape key (example:
> > System / Preferences / Keyboard shortcuts) but it is not possible with
> > some other windows (example: System / Preferences / Keyboard).
> The HIG is pretty clear about when Esc should close a window: if it's a
> dialog with a Cancel button, Esc should do the same as clicking Cancel.
> Esc shouldn't close the window under any other circumstances-- it
> shouldn't do the same as Close, or any other 'positive' closing action.
> However, this isn't a terribly popular guideline, so some developers
> bend the rules a bit :/  We may (or may not) reconsider for the next
> version of the HIG.

This is the long-standing and monumentally annoying

The HIG bug is

Basically everyone within Novell complained that Esc wasn't closing
dialog-looking windows, so for our GTK+ package I added a patch that
closes descendants of GtkDialog when the user presses Esc.  Our users
love it.


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