Re: Building the admin suite (was Re: Should I propose sabayon?)

On Tue, 2005-11-15 at 07:54 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:
> What else should be in this suite?
>   + gnome-nettool? It can be useful at home, so I'm not sure.
>   + gnome-system-tools? It's not clear, but we surely do not want to
> have some of it in the desktop and the rest in admin...
> I can't find any other module.

I was just thinking about this.

I think a good litmus test for this kind of split will be 'would I use
it at home, would I use it at work'.

gnome-system-tools I use everywhere. It lets me to important tasks like
configure my network and create a new user and stuff like that. It
should stay in Desktop.

gnome-nettool is a harder question. If memory serves, it was originally
included with the hopes that it could be used by support staff to get
users to carry out some primitive network diagnostics and so on. That
would be a good reason to keep it in Desktop.

Tools that might go in Admin, besides sabayon and pessulus might
include: an application to administer an LDAP server or an application
to manage grid clusters from GNOME (these are purely suggestions,
although someone has written both of them).


Davyd Madeley
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