Re: Making GNOME crash


On Sun, 2005-11-06 at 12:12 -0500, Luis Villa wrote:
> As I said in IRC, I'm not terribly convinced we do a great job of
> fixing the crashes we already have, much less all the new crashes this
> will introduce. But I'm willing to be swayed by analysis of the
> incoming/outgoing crasher bug flow we currently have.

The crashes we already have happen, usually, on certain conditions, and
if you know how to work around those conditions then you'll rarely see

Having the whole application crash because of un-handled critical
warnings, catched only by the few of us running an application from the
console - because we've hidden them there - would make *us* more
pro-active in fixing those bugs.

Thus, I'm totally for Vincent's patch.


Emmanuele Bassi - <ebassi gmail com>

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