Re: Three Point Zero - Idea Mockups

Hi Nat,

I am very glad to hear about this. The video sounds really interesting. Perhaps we should start compiling all the usability study data on the web site someplace.

Nat Friedman wrote:
For example, we asked a lady to send mail to a friend.  Against all
odds, she started Evolution (nothing in the menus indicates that it's a
mail program; something we hadn't realized before but which was
immediately obvious after watching her stalk one-by-one through the menu
items muttering to herself along the way).

This is easy to fix; we just need to change the labels to be more
sensible (and then test again on 5-6 people to make sure we changed them
appropriately).  It was interesting to watch this video and instantly
realize that the "Send / Receive" button is all about *how Evolution
works* and not about *what the user wants to do*.  I've been staring at
that button for five years, and never realized it was wrong until I saw
that video.

Anna Dirks will be airing much of this video at GUADEC on Monday, before
Lunch, and we will also be publishing a lot of it online as soon as we
get all the participants to finish signing release waivers.  We're also
thinking about providing funding for more of these usability labs so
that other people can do this testing themselves.  The video talk will
be followed by a hackfest, so people who want to work on improving the
desktop we have, instead of engaging in an open-ended "GNOME 3"
discussion, have a place to go.

Can you put a document on the web site that describes how to create such a usability lab and guidelines for its effective use?

My point is just that there's plenty of cool and productive work for us
to do that doesn't involve rethinking everything, breaking ABI, or doing
something totally and fundamentally original in computing.  We are
already doing something totally and fundamentally original in computer
software -- we're building a completely free desktop environment upon
which anyone can try out their craziest ideas, and we're trying to make
it useful and exciting to regular people.



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