Sound themes and metacity sounds

(Sorry if this is the wrong list for my post. I have checked lots of
list on and this seemed like the most fitting one.)

Recently I've explored Sound preferences feature of Gnome. IMHO,
having sounds play when you click on different stuff in the GUI is an
awesome usability/accessability feature. The sound files that come
with Gnome are all excellent but the configuration system feels kinda
raw. You have to manually select which sound you want for which event.
If would be cool if Gnome supported sound themes. So that you could
change the whole audio appearance of the desktop by downloading a
sound theme. It would also be good if this feature was integrated into
the Theme preferences dialog.

Another flaw is also that Metacity doesn't support sounds. Currently,
Gnome can only add sounds to events that happen within gtk and Gnome
events. That mean that you can add sounds to startup and when you
click on gtk buttons. But you can not add it to when you minimize or
maximize windows. I wonder why? Wouldn't integrating sounds with
Metacity be something worth doing? If it is, then why haven't it
already been done? :-) If someone hasn't done it already I think I

mvh Björn

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