Re: [PROPOSAL] 'Change Password GUI'

On Thu, 2005-05-19 at 17:04 +0200, Carlos Garnacho wrote:
> Aha! I'll sue you! :), now seriously, it might be worth to have a look at 
> liboobs in, at this moment it provides GObjects for getting info 
> about users (besides other things), by using the experimental system-tools-backends
> branch (featuring DBus), the infrastructure is a bit subject to change, but clearly 
> reflects what I'm trying to achieve.
> One of the objectives I have for this future version is the hability to let the 
> users modify the data that's tied to them (i.e.: chfn), so this might be used as 
> the underlying technology to the about-me capplet, as well as many other things
> (please note that, being the code experimental, I haven't worried a lot about 
> making it easy to install...)

This is overengineered for the task.  I like the ideas of either having
a pam based tool like gnome-passwd or a passwd based one.  Pulling in
GObjects and DBus is just too much for such a simple tool.

Maybe when this library is more mature, this would be a good idea, but
for 2.12 timeframe it's not right.


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