Re: Workspace Switcher Loop?

Chris Spencer wrote:
Is there a way to configure the workspace switcher, so that when you navigate using keyboard shortcuts, the first workspace is logically adjacent to the last? That is, if I'm at the first workspace, and I naviagate "left", I'll be switched to the last workspace automatically? And conversly, if I'm at the last workspace, and I navigate "right", I'll be switched to the first workspace?

Currently, if you're at the first, the only way to get the last is to use the mouse or key through every workspace, which is inconvenient.


Just as an update, after discussing this issue in bugtrack, it's been decided (unwisely in my opinion) that modifying four lines of code would be too much feature creep. Anyone desiring this functionality will have to modify said four lines themselves and compile a custom metacity.

In other news, Gnome usage has gone down in the last year. Seriously people, we need to stop being afraid of adding features. Too many may be bad, but too few is often much worse.


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