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Hi Brian,

Brian Cameron a écrit :
One topic that might also make a good track would be stability.   This
year Sun is sending two Architecture Review Council chairs to GUADEC
to speak on this topic.  I think this is a significant and timely
gesture from Sun.  One reason that GNOME has difficulty competing with
operating systems from Microsoft and Apple is that their platforms
tend to be more stable.
Perhaps this could fit into one of the tracks you suggest (Developer,
or Interoperability), but this is a pretty big topic itself.

This is exactly the kind of this that we have set planning time aside for. I'm only sorry that it's just 3 hours. You should try to have a BOF at another time too, if that tickles your fancy. But interface stability is something that I'm sure could use a session, particularly after the ARC presentation on Sunday.

How about copying & pasting the basics of your mail into the wiki as a skeleton to hang a session on?

I hope we have a problem of overlap - which will mean that there are lots of great sessions planned. If that's the case, we will probably rely on our (as yet unknown) session leader to merge sessions of common interest.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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