Re: RFC: On-line Content Filtering of directories

Ok, this is where I stand:

I made a couple of the changes you suggested to my local tree:
    *) Put a close button on the filtering bar
    *) Whenever the filter bar is activated the title of the window changes to say: "folder_name: Filtered"

Here are my thoughts on some of the main point you raise (about the interaction with the selection):

    At the begining I was quite against the idea of keeping all the content in a view and just ordering it, i don't really
    know how difficult it would be to do so, but i think it can be done. The problem is how to distinguish between the files
    that matched the filter from those that didn't. I believe that to do this (at least with my knowledge) the Icon canvas
    would need to be modified and also the GtkTreeView (so that it would support some kind of grouping feautre, something
    like ETable/Etree). If the files that match don't dissapear the problem with the selection goes away.

    This would be quite difficult for me and would involve putting in this patch a time that i currently don't have, as my
    exams start in a couple of weeks.

    So given the controversy that this patch has generated and the amount of work that I would need to put into it I'm leaving
    it as is (i will upload the current patch to ) if someone feels like retaking it, go ahead. I       
    might put some time into it after my exams (that is 1 month from now if I pass everything).

By the way, I took the idea of doing this patch from Jamboree and Epiphany, both of them forget the selection whenever
you type something in the search entry (filter on nautilus), Jamboree is not in the platform, but Epiphany is so I think I   
wouldn't be that bad to leave it as is (maybe a more clear visual clue about the filtered window would needed to be given
and better choose the shortcuts and accelerators).


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