Re: RFC: On-line Content Filtering of directories

On Wed, 2005-04-27 at 17:04 +0200, Diego Gonzalez wrote:
> > My main concern is trying to limit the amount of overlapping
> features,
> > so that each addition of a feature adds something important over the
> > existing ones. Each overlapping feature increase complexity, make
> the UI
> > harder to understand/more crowded and increase maintenance costs. 
> I think that glob matching can be included in the filtering bar, and
> remove that feature, as Maciej 
> suggest. This way advanced users can use glob matching and common
> users would just use the
> common filtering mechanism.

They are not equivalent though. You can select *.jpg and then add some
other files to the selection using glob selection. This isn't possible
with filtering.

> > * Perhaps make it more obvious that the filter is on the name, by having
> > "name" somewhere on the filter bar. (Do we want to filter on other
> > fields too btw? say type, or owner)
> I will look into some wording to put into the filtering bar, I can
> extend the filter to other fields if we
> think it is useful, but i think that most people would want to filter
> by name, also including other fields
> will involve placing a combo-box or something similar on the filter
> bar, this will make the UI more crowded
> and may be difficult for newbies.

No, there is no need to add more ui. Just make the text you enter in the
field search on all fields.

> > * Sometimes you might not see the whole window, or just not look at the
> > bottom. Maybe we could figure out some other (additional) way to say
> > that this is a filtered view that is visible in the whole window, or at
> > least in more places. Maybe we can use colors? background color? some
> > sort of border around the view? different window title?
> I can change the title of the window to explicitely indicate that it
> is a filtered view.

"$foldername - filtered" or something, perhaps?
We need the name first in the title, as that is what will be read first,
and visible in tightly packed window lists. 

I wonder if changing the title will make people think that its a
different window to the non-filtered one... Might need some testing

I made some other comments in my reply to Maciej.

I'm still unsure about filtering and how it interacts with current and
future concepts. We should try to make a best effort to make a design of
it that is as good as possible before we can judge it fully though. 

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