Fwd: Disabling menu And Modal dialog boxes!


We're making an application using gnome 2.0 that adds an icon on the
statusbar.We've added a context menu to display the menu when the icon
is clicked using the right mouse button.
tride to do the follwoing in glade too but cudnt!

1.   Now we need to disable(i.e. gray the menuitem) a particular menu item
      in this menu when a certain condition occurs.
      We thought probably the following function wud be useful:

     applet_widget_callback_set_sensitive defined in applet-widget.h but
     this is for gnome 1.0
     and when we include the .h in our application,a zillion errors are

     Then we tried applet_object_callback_set_sensitive which is
defined for 2.0
     But again we aren't able to compile it.Says the function used is
     UNREFERENCED.Probably an extra header is required.

Could some1 pls help us with this ..........suggest how to remove the
eerror....orr disable the context menu's menuitem.

2)    ALso,we need to make the dialog boxes modal.........i.e when a
menu item is clicked,a
     dialog box1 opens and until the user responds i.e clicks
ok...........the other menuitem
      in the context menu cant be clicked..............

      i used set_window_modal but still the context menu items can be
clicked though the dialog is modal..............
had used gnome_dialog_new for creating the dialog.Tried in glade and
if  theres a window and the dialog box,it acts modal bt not when
instead of window theres a context menubar attched!!

Any help would be appreciated.



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