Re: Links to manuals


It's not really bitrot, but we've basically only deep linked into those
documents because they haven't really been kept up to date as new GNOME
versions are released, etc. (They live there due to historical server setup
stuff, but I don't plan to use /learn/ as their permanent home in future.)
This seems wrong; the 'learn' link has been published for a long time, and the manuals currently hosted there are not particularly out-of-date (considering that 2.10 has been out only a couple of days).

We should increase, not decrease, the visibility of this site! I think one of our perceived weaknesses is poor documentation or poor visibility of docs, we are doing ourselves no favors by hiding them even if they are one version out of date.

- Bill

The web list is probably more appropriate for this than all the others that
have been Cc'ed here, btw. ;-)

- Jeff

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