Re: bug-buddy sending options (Was: roadmap status update/update request)

El dom, 13-03-2005 a las 11:39 +0000, Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro

>   What bug-buddy should do is just invoke a mailto: handler, and let
> evolution/whatever send the email, using the options already configured
> personally by the user, and which are known to work well.

That is not an option, because usually bug-buddy includes attached
backtrace data, and it cannot excute gnome-open
("mailto://bugs gnome org?subject=mybug&body=xxxxxxxxxxxx")
because usually body is larger than the OS 64 KiB limit for command line
arguments. I tried sometime ago using evolution bonobo component for
sending the mail but it failed somewhere. Also showing the user a "Mail
window" is not very clear for him ("my application just crashed, why I
am sending an email now?")

>   [ Another alternative, already discussed but turned down because of
> missing XML-RPC bugzilla interface, IIRC, would be to open a webbrowser
> with the bugzilla submit bug URL.  OK, so this could be more difficult,
> so we could use the email handler instead for the time being. ]

	This is the way I prefer. We just need people helping with the bugzilla
2.18 migrationg/xml-rpc integration.

What I definitively want is applications adding a "Send a bug report" in
their help menu, adding it directly to the application menu code (as
evolution does right now) or via libgnomeui (like the monekeytalk patch
Ximian did some time ago).


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