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Le lundi 07 mars 2005 �0:21 +0100, e3748743 est fib upc edu a �it :
> Hello, I want to add a new menu on my gnome 2.0 panel by editing the xml files.
> I need to do this because I'm working with a new knoppix-based distribution and
> I have to put a personalized menu.
> What files I have to modify?


I think you should probably have sent this mail to a more appropriate
mailing list (gnome-list, for example) since desktop-devel-list is for
discussion about the development of the GNOME desktop. But I'll try to
answer your question anyway :-)

If you want to change the objects that appear on the default panels,
then you probably want to modify panel-default-setup.entries. The format
of this file is not really complex and looking at its content is a good
way to understand what you'll need to modify.

This is how you'll be able to add a main menu to the default panels.

Now, if you want to add a menu with special items, then it gets more
complex... It's easier with GNOME 2.10 (thanks to the new rocking menu spec support) since it's mostly a matter of
changing/adding some files in /etc/xdg/menus/. Tell me if you need more
details about this.



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