problems with panels

Hello, I want to add a new menu on my gnome 2.0 panel by editing the xml files.
I need to do this because I'm working with a new knoppix-based distribution and
I have to put a personalized menu.
What files I have to modify?

I tried creating an object in
and changing the .../medium/general/%gconf.xml to add the new object
--->and don't work.
I tried creating a new object, based on menu_bar, in
(really it's a copy of the %gconf.xml of the object menu_bar, because I can't
understand the notation of this file... it has lines like schema=/schema/...
and this path not exists!!!)

and changing the ..gconf_xml_default/apps/../user_default/../general/%gconf.xml
->Now, I have a copy of the application menu on my panel ;P

Thank you and sorry for my poor English.


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