String freeze continues...

As always, once started, string freeze continues (forever) on the stable

That means that if you haven't branched for gnome-2-10, your HEAD branch
remains in string freeze.

If you have branched for gnome-2-10, your gnome-2-10 branch remains
being string frozen, while you're free to do as you please in HEAD.

That being said, if there's any string change or string addition that
weren't previously accepted and you feel is very important to get in in
GNOME 2.10.1 or subsequent GNOME 2.10.x releases, please bring it up
again on gnome-i18n gnome org (cc:ing release-team gnome org and
gnome-doc-list gnome org), and we can have another look at it.

Furthermore, if you do branch, please let gnome-i18n gnome org,
release-team gnome org, gnome-doc-list gnome org and other contributors
know as soon as possible, so that work won't be spent on the wrong
branch by accident.


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