roadmap status update/update request

As some of you have seen in my blog, I updated the roadmap page in the wiki:

to reflect goals from earlier releases that are unfinished, and to
reflect what I know of plans for the 2.10++ release.

I'd appreciate it if everyone who is planning on contributing
big-ish-picture changes  in the 2.12 or 2.14 timeframe would put a
brief note on that page, including their names. If in doubt about
whether or not something is 'big enough', go ahead and do it- better
to err on the side of whittling down later.

There are several reasons for updating this document- of course,
everyone will know how cool you are, but also it gives us all a sense
of 'where we are going', which is nice, and maybe helps us pick out
the potholes. Of course, it would also help us present to conferences,
potential donors, etc., saying 'hey, we're going to be doing X cool
things in the future, come join us', which isn't bad either.

Anyway, please re-read, review, etc.- thanks-

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