Request for gnome-vfs freeze breakage

I'd like to request code freeze breakage for the gnome-vfs module.

Breakage requested:

This patch fixes the SMB browsing of (non-domain) workgroups and SMB browsing of Windows machines not on a domain. These used to work intermittently before, so without this patch SMB browsing using nautilus has some pretty bad regression. What's worse is that this regression affects the simpler and less technical SMB networks (ie: our simpler home users).

The SMB module was largely rewritten for this release and fixes many thread safety and crasher issues. But there's been some regression which wasn't reported until very late in the game.

The patch fixes two problems which are interelated and solve the above issues. It's been tested on several networks. There are no documentation or translation changes in this patch.

Nate Nielsen

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