Re: Request for gnome-vfs freeze breakage

Has anyone else tested the patch? From the description, it sounds like
this fixes a freeze-worthy bug, and not a huge patch, but... still
scary at this stage of the game, obviously.

On Wed,  2 Mar 2005 22:31:01 +0000 (GMT), Nate Nielsen
<nielsen-list memberwebs com> wrote:
> I'd like to request code freeze breakage for the gnome-vfs module.
> Breakage requested:
> This patch fixes the SMB browsing of (non-domain) workgroups and SMB
> browsing of Windows machines not on a domain. These used to work
> intermittently before, so without this patch SMB browsing using nautilus
> has some pretty bad regression. What's worse is that this regression
> affects the simpler and less technical SMB networks (ie: our simpler
> home users).
> The SMB module was largely rewritten for this release and fixes many
> thread safety and crasher issues. But there's been some regression which
>   wasn't reported until very late in the game.
> The patch fixes two problems which are interelated and solve the above
> issues. It's been tested on several networks. There are no documentation
> or translation changes in this patch.
> Cheers,
> Nate Nielsen
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