Re: vte [was Re: houston, we have a problem- 2.10 showstoppers]

ons, 02,.03.2005 kl. 11.04 +0100, skrev Kjartan Maraas:
>ons, 02,.03.2005 kl. 10.30 +0100, skrev Richard Hult:
>>I get crashes when running minicom and resizing the window with those 
>>latest patches. It appears to be the ones committed on the 28th that 
>>breaks things. I don't have the time right now to investigate this any 
>>further unfortunately.
>>It's the same assertion as in
>>(but on Debian unstable)
>>Should we really be doing these kinds of changes a week before the release?
>This change has been in Fedora for months already and I think having a
>consistent release out there is more important than avoiding this
>somewhat obscure crash when resizing the window in minicom. If we have
>different codebases out there we end up with nothing getting fixed since
>it doesn't affect all users and then someone blames distro patches (and
>seemingly correctly in this case), but we get no traction on fixing
>stuff upstream.
>Maybe I'm wrong, but then again, nobody else stepped up to the plate. If
>it's too problematic we can still just ship the tarball from 2.8.x :-/
>I've looked briefly at the crash and it seems there's an assert to avoid
>being called too often, though I don't see why that condition warrants
>an assert at all. Why not just warn about it instead of crashing on the
To follow up on my own post here. The assert in question is:

** ERROR **: file vte.c: line 7602 (vte_terminal_process_incoming):
assertion failed: ((_vte_buffer_length(terminal->pvt->incoming) > 0) ||
(terminal->pvt->pending->len > 0))

But before this I see these kinds of warnings:

** (gnome-terminal:13608): WARNING **: DECSET/DECRESET mode 12 not
recognized, ignoring.

I added a fprintf statement which shows that this only crashes when
*both* of these are '0', but everything is fine when one or the other is

incoming is 0, pending->len is 0

Anyone got a clue what's up here?


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