Re: Potential showstopper?

I'm tempted to say that this is not a showstopper, purely because
the fact that no one has filed it proves that no one actually
/uses/ the default theme

I do not believe this to be true, besides, 'defaults matter' (TM). People who would use Slackware, Debian or FreeBSD or any other 'generic' gnome version would run onto the bug (on some businesses sometimes they are not even allowed to modify their desktops). Distros that ship with the generic Gnome are far too many to ignore.

Making a quick search on google, I found several instances of people mentioning the bug. In some cases, they didn't know that it was the theme's bug, and so my guess is that's why the bug was never filed. The problem only happens with the mozilla toolkit and so these people probably thought that this is a mozilla bug.

Or simply, they are part of this segment of the user share that don't file bug reports (most people don't). Users who have bugzilla accounts are usually power users, and it's guaranteed that these users don't run Simple, because they know better. But everyday people (who don't happen to run RH/FC/SuSE/Mdk/ubuntu), I bet they do (a study once showed that ~80% of computer users never change their OS defaults'). A sample: (search for the word 'white')

and (unlike the other bug) it doesn't impact screenshot if it is only occasional.

Happens at all times on my two laptops.

IMHO, this is a showstopper, because Firefox is the most used third party application today and Gnome's defaults must fully interoperate with it. This is a lot like Apple shipping Mac OS X with a similar bug appearing on Photoshop only. It wouldn't happen.

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