Re: ANNOUNCE: Deskbar Applet 0.3 (keybindings)

Hi Luis,

Luis Villa wrote:

On 6/16/05, Calum Benson <Calum Benson sun com> wrote:
On 16 Jun 2005, at 12:47, Luis Villa wrote:

If someone could *finally* wrap that in a GUI (ideally, I guess, as
part of the existing keybinding dialog) that would be a nice 2.12
Well, we still do this in JDS... I know the original patch for GNOME
2.0 was rejected (although I can't find any discussion about it in
bugzilla), but maybe Erwann could re-submit it the latest version for
somebody else to work on... I think we probably have a patch for it
that applies against 2.10 now.

Cool! Any recollection of why it was rejected originally? [Now that
you mention it, I recall that it was submitted for 2.0 or 2.2, but
don't recall why it was rejected...]
I don't remember either, I think it was a mix between feature/UI freeze at the time of implementation
and maybe because the UI wasn't fully ironed out. I can't really remember.

The functionality (for custom keybindings) was added the 2002-05-22 in gnome-settings-daemon.
If anybody is interested by the UI in JDS 3 you can find a screenshot here :
and the patch for it here :



                Erwann Chénedé,
Desktop Group,           Sun Microsystems
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