Re: cleaning up themes

On Sat, 2005-07-30 at 16:32 +1200, Glynn Foster wrote:

> > Perhaps we should consider moving these into the -extras package. What I
> > think would be really cool is having a level of integration that allows
> > you to install themes right off from your favourite web
> > browser. That way we could ship our 4 very nice themes, and everyone can
> > install whatever else they want with ease. Very rapidly integrated with
> > web backgrounds, and one day web-shipped applets.
> What's the upgrade mechanism - is there any dialog saying where my theme
> has gone and how I can download it again? Doesn't seem like anyone has
> solved that problem to be removing themes just yet. [Of course, I could
> be totally wrong]

That sounds awfully similar to how we removed applets. It might be a
good piece of code to have in gnome-settings-daemon anyway. If it can't
find the theme it's looking for, it loads the default theme and gives
you a nice warning telling you that it couldn't load the theme you
wanted, and where you might like to download it from.


Davyd Madeley
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