Re: Dumping gnome-smproxy in 2.14

Am Freitag, den 22.07.2005, 08:38 -0600 schrieb Elijah Newren:
> On 7/22/05, Mark McLoughlin <markmc redhat com> wrote:
> > On Fri, 2005-07-22 at 09:57 -0400, Luis Villa wrote:
> > > Honestly, any reason to wait to 2.14?
> > 
> >         I'd like to, but I just don't think its very good form to do it post
> > feature freeze.
> When it fixes all kinds of bugs that ought to be considered
> showstoppers?  Also, from your explanation it didn't sound like you
> were proposing to add any features, merely to remove a "Feature" (i.e.
> BUG).  Having read lots of bug reports about the first three example
> bugs you list (I guess the other two were before my time?  Don't know
> why I didn't know about them), two of which basically make Gnome
> unusable, and additionally having been affected by all of those three
> on various occasions, even if this did break feature freeze I think
> you'd likely get the necessary approvals.
> Also, Havoc's comments about removing it seem instructive here (he
> thought it had already happened and that it should if it hadn't--and
> that was two years ago):

Did anybody of you already ask for approval? Mark, are you willing to
handle this?

Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org>

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