Recent Files Manager in libegg - Take 2

Hi all.

As of July 20th, the new recently used resources manager code has hit
the CVS, and it's included in libegg.


* enable the purging of the list (complete and filter-based);
* custom tooltip function for the menu;

Since some questions arose on #gnome-hackers WRT storage format, I've
put up some of the rationales behind the choices that were made when
designing the API and the storage format:

The code is working, but it obviously needs more testing. ;-)


I intend to fix every bug filed in Bugzilla, except for the bugs marked
as enhancements: those we'll be implemented (if there are not
implemented yet) in the recentchooser code (thus, I'll leave those bugs
open as a reminder).  As soon as the recentchooser code shows no
regressions from the recent-files code, I'll add a deprecation warning
inside libegg/recent-files/README.  I also plan to move the storage
backend of EggRecentModel to the RecentManager storage format, in order
to show the same data from both objects.

Kind regards,

Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com>
Web site:

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