Re: make check failures- gnome-vfs, e-d-s, at-spi

Danilo Šegan wrote:

I managed once to build entire Gnome during 2.7 using jhbuild (with
features jamesh just introduced back then to build outside of your
checkout directory, basically mimicking what distcheck is doing,
without the "make check" part :), and I remember having only to fix a
few's to use $(top_srcdir) and $(top_builddir) where
appropriate.  And yeah, some gtk-doc stuff was causing big problems
for me, but I can't remember if I resolved that or I just disabled it
at the time. :(
Note that the srcdir!=builddir feature of jhbuild doesn't actually build everything srcdir!=builddir. Some modules in the .modules file are marked as not supporting srcdir!=builddir builds so it doesn't attempt them.

If you wanted to test this fully with jhbuild, you'd need to remove the flag from the .modules file.


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