Re: Gtk+ 2.8 for GNOME 2.12

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On Sun, July 17, 2005 22:40, Murray Cumming said:
> On Sun, 2005-07-17 at 17:27 -0300, Johan Dahlin wrote:
>> Hello
>> Is Gtk+ 2.8 going to be included in GNOME 2.12?
>> Eg, can we have an official statement from the release team, so
>> distributions can start
>> packaging and expect it to be ready in time for 2.12 (eg. freeze end of
>> aug, rel early sept) ?
> Yes, we GNOME 2.12 is planned to use GTK+ 2.8. There's always a slight
> chance that we would try to revert to 2.6 is something went terribly
> wrong, but things seem to be OK so far.

It seems, from a vendor point of view (I'm not a vendor), that we need
to make a real statement, without the "there is a slight chance that
we'll revert to 2.6". Else, nobody will use GTK+ 2.8. Right now, Ubuntu
is blocking on this and I'm sure there are other packagers who are in the
same situation. They won't use GTK+ 2.8 if we don't say we'll use it.

We need to take a decision. It seems everybody is saying 2.8 should be
okay, but we're not sure yet. I see three possibilities:

 a. wait
 b. tell we'll ship with 2.6
 c. tell we'll ship with 2.8

Option a is not useful for anyone, except for us. Nobody will be able to
use the new possibilities offered by GTK+ 2.8. Looks like a bad option to

Option b is possible. No real problem here, except that GTK+ people might
not be very happy with such a decision (and I can understand why).

Option c has a positive effect: people will start packaging GTK+ 2.8 and
start using it. Problems will be found and solved. I'm sure the GNOME
community can find most of the problems with GARNOME/jhbuild/etc.-built
GNOME, but we'll have reports from at least Ubuntu people. I believe
this will enable us to fix all the problems. If we do it now.

So, can we take a decision on this and announce it devel-announce-list
or anywhere where it's needed?

As for my position on this: I was at first reluctant to the "shipping
with GTK+ 2.8" option, but I really believe we can find the problems
if it gets tested *now*. So I'm all for GTK+ 2.8 *now*.


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