In the process of tracking down and fixing the various places we set
GConf keys during login (we shouldn't), I came across these keys:


	From what I can make out:

  - The schemas are in libgnome/desktop_gnome_applications_window_manager.schemas

  - The "default" key is set by gnome-wm script at login to whichever 
    window manager is run

  - The "default" and "current" keys are used in the wm-properties 
    capplet code. The code just seems like historical cruft that hasn't 
    been built in a long time, though.

  - A copy of the wm-properties code is in libwindow-settings, but 
    that's not built eiter.

  - I can't see the "number_of_workspaces" or "workspace_names" keys 
    used anywhere anymore.

	So, what I'm going to do is:

  1) Add deprecation notices to the docs for all of those keys

  2) Remove the setting of "default" in gnome-wm

  3) Remove the wm-properties code in gnome-control-center/capplets and 
     libwindow-settings (wm-exec.c, wm-list.c and wm-properties.h) to 
     avoid any further confusion.

	Am I missing something here?


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