Recent Files Manager in libegg

[I've already sent this mail on the gtk-devel list]


Hi all.

With my troubles at $ORK finally over[1], and with more free time again
on my side, I finished the new recently used resources management that
should replace the libegg/recent-files code.

The code is here:

[bzipped patch]

It contains the RecentManager object, which handles the operations on
the list and its changes; the RecentChooser interface for viewer
widgets; a simple GtkMenu-subclass, to be used as a sub-menu for a 'Open
Recent' menu item, or for a GtkMenuToolButton.


The code depends on the stable versions of GLib, GTK and libxml2.  Just
for the examples, we also need libglade and libgnomevfs.


  * purging of the list is still unimplemented;
  * the menu widget allows appending custom items, but not prepending;
  * filtering on visualization is still unimplemented;
  * in the HIG v2.0, the "Open Recent" sub-menu was removed in favour
    of a inlined list; I think this sucks on win32, too.


  * filtering using a GtkFileFiler-like object (already defined,
    albeit still unimplemented);
  * TreeView-like widget, in order to implement an Office-XP-like side
    pane, with some meta data (icon, status, full location, ...).

Can someone have a look at it, and tell me if it's okay for me to commit
it into libegg?

Kind regards,


[1] In the "Houston, we've got recovery" sense.

[P.S.: the Menu code has a bug (does not chain up the finalize method);
it has already been fixed on my development tree; also, I'm already
working on the filter object, so when I commit the code, it'll hopefully
be included]

Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com>
Web site:

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