Re: Gnome Session Services Framework

Hi Mark:

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I was thinking about when the ATs are started. On thinking further I realize that my memory of AT startup order issues has become fuzzy, so I am probably forgetting some things. Here's what I recall:

1) g-s-d needs to have been started before any applications (including the panel, nautilus, etc.); this is probably true generally of gnome and so isn't relevant to the Session Services discussion. Similarly bonobo-activation needs to be working on first query.

2) gnome-session's own environment needs to include any accessibility-specific env settings such as GNOME_DISABLE_CRASH_DIALOG=1 and GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge (the latter for GTK-only apps that need to be accessible). Again, probably not affected by the Session Services proposal.

3) Performance is much better if ATs are started last, because otherwise they have to process a stream of events that are mostly just a result of 'constructing' the desktop services and apps. As long as all the activation and bootstrapping stuff is working as it should (i.e. no double activation or race conditions), then on reflection I believe it should not matter what order the ATs are started in, beyond what I wrote above (unless, as I said, I have forgotten something important).


	I've forgotten what the details is here. Could you fill us in? Are you
talking about when ATs get started, and if so, when is the ideal time to
start them and why?


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