Re: Gnome Session Services Framework

> this is the only thing missing in my patch (which only includes changes
> in existing files, the new files, are the same version as in my previous
> patch). I guess I would just need to go over the client_list in Session.
> But, the problem I see is how to check we really don't want to start
> that process from the session? That is, I might have a
> gnome-service-launch process in autostart, and another one, to start a
> different/local service on the session.
> So, how to deal with that? Compare the whole command line?
Comparing the whole command lines won't work, because programs started
from the session manager generally have state encoded in their command
lines (whatever is specified in their RestartCommand).    I'd say
ultimately all services should be stripped of session manager support.
In the mean time, they should be invoked with --sm-disable.


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