Re: gnome-keyring-manager in 2.12

fre 2005-06-10 klockan 13:53 -0400 skrev Luis Villa:
> Seems to me that gnome-keyring-manager should at a minimum go into
> meta-gnome-proposed in jhbuild*, and seems (to me) to fill a fairly
> important need for key management, and should probably be in 2.12.
> Anyone have any thoughts on this?
> For reference, it wasn't in 2.8 because of issues addressed here:
> the usability list thread in the 2.9 timeframe did not seem to go very far:
> but some new UI was committed in January of this year, and having just
> used it for the first time, it seemed to suitably hide the keyring
> issues I wasn't interested in (which is basically all of them, since
> I'm still not completely sure what the hell a keyring is :) So...
> anyone? Bueller?

Was gnome-keyring-manager officially proposed? I'm trying to go through
what's been proposed so far in order to be able to point the translators
to those modules, but it seems gnome-keyring-manager was never added to .


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