Re: switching to g-c-c shell? [Was: Re: Control center and capplet merging]

On Wed, 2005-07-06 at 14:15 -0700, Sriram Ramkrishna wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 06, 2005 at 03:31:58PM -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > On Wed, 2005-07-06 at 19:37 +0200, Carlos Garnacho wrote:
> > > Some may think that it could encourage people to add more capplets, but
> > > that's already happening, in the last 2 releases we've added "Multimedia
> > > systems selector", "Remote desktop" and "Removable drives and media", so
> > > we should at least find a way for not punishing users because we don't
> > > follow our own rules :) 
> > 
> > Right or we could just fix the problem - wait that would be INSANE ;-)
> > 
> > If we can't get rid of at least "Multimedia systems selector" we sure do
> > suck.
> You could porbably put multimedia systems selector stuff as gconf
> keys and enable it there.  The problem is that this stuff becomes
> buried and for people who want to change it for whatever purpose
> it becomes an egg hunt.
Actually the multimedia systems selector is just adjusting gconf keys, so
by just removing that GUI you would have the functionality of being able
to override whatever the default is by changing the gconf key, but not
having a GUI to do it. Another solution is to keep the selector around,
but remove it from the gnome-menu.

I guess the gstreamer viewpoint is that the auto*sinks will replace
hardcoding to alsa/oss, x/xv and then people who have problems (like the
free nvidia drivers failing to utilize xv if you have widescreen) can
override it by hardcoding a sink with gconf-editor. (problem is that the
driver still reports doing xv, so the auto*sink thinks it can use xv
when it can't (all players I tried so far fail in figuring this out on
their own, so I guess its not trivial to work around).

I also guess powerusers would like to be able to tweak the keys manually
if they for instance run 2-3 sound servers or have multiple soundcards.
In which case an auto*sink plugin might not be able to guess correctly
at what the user wants to happen.


> In these cases, it would be good to be able to find a way to get
> access without too much trouble like a troubleshooter system that
> tells you where to go if the default multimedia stuff doesn't work.
> Taking a view of an undirected graph, all pieces of information
> should connected.
> My two cents.
> sri
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