Re: Application/System Tools vs System/Administration

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Rob Adams">
>>That's close but that talks about "Preferences" and "Administration".  I'm
>>talking about "System Tools" and "Administration".

Most of the items in "Administration" let you configure things, and some
of them don't. Those that do probably should go in "Preferences" (as
described in PreferencesRevisited), and those that don't probably should
go in "System Tools". That would solve your problem, but would also put
pressure on both menus to become shorter. (Making "Preferences" shorter
is also described in PreferencesRevisited.)

> In many ways, they're in it together. One way of getting rid of crapplets
> is by integrating them into more useful locations - you could do the same
> thing with the floppy formatter. Imagine - Nautilus lovingly formatting
> CDRWs, USB keys, floppies, whatever. :-)

Getting rid of "Floppy Formatter":

Getting rid of "File Browser":

Getting rid of "Archive Manager", also mentioned in this thread:

Other ways, which I haven't reported yet, to put items from "System
Tools" in more appropriate places:
*   "Bug Report Tool" --> "Report a Bug..." in all Help menus (including
    a Help menu for GNOME as a whole, for cases where the program won't
    start up or where it doesn't have its own Help menu)
*   "New Login" --> "Log In as Someone Else..." in the same menu as "Log
    Out..." and "Shut Down..."
*   "Root Terminal" --> open a terminal and type "su" :-) (there could
    even be a menu item for this in gnome-terminal itself)
*   "Run as [D]ifferent [U]ser" -->
    -   right-clicking on the item and choosing "Run as Someone Else..."
    -   Shift+clicking on a menu item (shortcut for the above)
    -   a "Run As:" combo box in the "Run Application" dialog.

Matthew Thomas

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