Re: Modifying GNOME-About to count users

<quote who="Scott Sloan">

> > gnome-about is one thing that distros, thus far, have politely declined
> > to molest. Which is good. Plus, with GNOME 2.10 and beyond, it's more
> > obvious
> But why give them a reason to by sticking it in gnome-about?
> Don't get me wrong, I understand your point. Just, my argument is this: If
> you put it as a separate program, say gnome-feedback, the distros can
> easily not build gnome-feedback and then ship. But if you put it in
> gnome-about, than the distro's have to first "molest" gnome-about and then
> ship. 

Because they probably won't even bother in the first place. A very simple,
non-controversial "yes, I love GNOME" form/button in gnome-about is more
likely to ship (and thus, be seen!) than a separate "REGISTER THIS PRODUCT
NOW!!!" app. A new menu entry for this purpose alone is, in my opinion, the
drop-off point for distribution interest.

- Jeff

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