Re: Proposed modules: my consensus so far

On Sun, 2005-01-09 at 13:41 +0100, Beno�Dejean wrote:
> Le vendredi 26 novembre 2004 �6:00 +0000, Mark McLoughlin a �it :
> > Hi Beno�
> > 
> > On Fri, 2004-11-26 at 15:16 +0000, Beno�Dejean wrote:
> > > Le vendredi 26 novembre 2004 �5:52 +0100, Murray Cumming a �it :
> > 
> > 	If you feel the feature is insecure and poorly implemented, one
> > immediate option you have is just to disable it ...
> :/ i use a lot renice/kill. So i don't have to log as root everytime i
> want to kill/renice a process.

	Okay, two things:

 1) I think a better way of implementing this type of stuff is for 
    gnome-system-monitor to have two modes - an admin mode and a user 
    mode. You might have two binaries and .desktop files, one marked as 
    "this needs to be run as root", or you might just have it so if you
    decide not to enter the root password it runs in user mode.

    I know I've said this a few times now, but I'm still not sure 
    how you feel about it?

 2) What you use a lot is irrelevant, unfortunately :-) A UI optimised 
    for your use is unlikely to be the most optimal UI for all users.


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