Use hyphen instead of underscore in translator credits

As the string freeze is getting close, Vincent Untz suggested I remind
maintainers about
-- please use a hyphen instead of an underscore in the special
translator credits string (if your application has one), i.e. use
"translator-credits" instead of "translator_credits".

The reason is that many translator tools treat underscores in
translateable messages as access keys, and will give warnings if the
translation doesn't contain an underscore as well. As you can imagine,
this is often helpful for translators in order to catch accidental
access key omissions, but not in the case of the special translator
credits message, where the underscore is not an access key and the
"translation" will usually only contain names and e-mail addresses but
very rarely any underscores.

So instead of asking all the translator tools maintainers to patch their
software for the special translator credits string that GNOME happens to
use, I would like to kindly ask all GNOME maintainers to please use
"translator-credits" instead of "translator_credits" wherever possible.

Some maintainers have already changed the underscore into a hyphen -- if
so, please disregard this message. :)


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