Re: Default Theme Progress

Yup. We'll try to add it to CVS as soon as we fork from 2.10.

Great news! ClearLooks is indeed a great theme. I helped out a bit the two main developers of the theme with usability (Richard, Daniel thank you for putting up with me :), but I always had on my todo list to send an email to this list when the theme would be accepted and ask for the following (which must be done on a gnome-basis rather than the theme-basis):

1. Please make the default window manager's font, bold. Otherwise, the theme just doesn't standout as well as it should and doesn't make the best impression that it should. The current "Simple" default Gnome theme loses a lot of its presense as well by not having its window manager font being bold. Who is responsible for such a change btw?

2. And another change, that needs to be done on the GTK+ side: Please change the toolbar font to be 1 size smaller than the default Application Font size. For example, if the default app font size is 11, make the toolbar font 10. However, have a check in place, and don't let it go below 8. This little trick will create toolbars with better spacing between items (it won't look like the icons are too far away from each other). That's how OSX does it as well btw: (the toolbar icon font is one notch smaller than the default text size).

I felt that now that the default theme of Gnome is changing, these two little details (which make out a lot of the overall impression) should be fixed at this time too, so the ClearLooks theme & Gnome 2.12 in general, makes the best impression there is.



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