Re: Default Theme Progress

On Mon, 2005-02-28 at 17:14 -0500, Diana Fong wrote:
>We collected a few more theme possibilities and had some brief
>discussions on . 
>After looking them over, we felt Clearlooks
>( ) was the strongest. After looking at
>a lot of themes, they all started to look similar (gradient here,
>rounded there, etc). Clearlooks is not particularly exceptional in this
>regard, but it does look good. Overall its an excellent rework of
>Bluecurve, already a strong theme. The main elements of Bluecurve that
>made it, like, oh my gosh, sooo 1995 (the square-ish ness and the
>computer-grey) are gone. We're fortunate that Clearlooks is under active
>development, and judging by its past releases, it's still improving.

Just so we're very, very, VERY clear on this, we are talking about
the default theme for 2.12 right?


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