Re: Default Theme Progress

Diana Fong wrote:
After looking them over, we felt Clearlooks
( ) was the strongest. After looking at
a lot of themes, they all started to look similar (gradient here,
rounded there, etc). Clearlooks is not particularly exceptional in this
regard, but it does look good. Overall its an excellent rework of
Bluecurve, already a strong theme. The main elements of Bluecurve that
made it, like, oh my gosh, sooo 1995 (the square-ish ness and the
computer-grey) are gone. We're fortunate that Clearlooks is under active
development, and judging by its past releases, it's still improving.

Agreed. I recall a positive comment about Clearlooks from someone in the Ubuntu world too (jdub?). It would be *great* to have the the visual refinement and polish that would come with several of the key distributions all going upstream to one theme set.

Hey Novell people: what about you guys? Any interest in Clearlooks?

So yeah, +1 for Clearlooks and hooray for the future!

Steven Garrity

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