Re: Revitalizing the Urban Center of GNOME

On Thu, 2005-02-17 at 17:17 +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Seth Nickell">
> > To give a very graphic illustration of this.... based on a search of
> > the archives, Havoc's last post to desktop-devel was over a year ago.
> Two days ago. :-)

I think I do what most people do though, and browse through the list
folder looking for people who really do work (or threads related to my
pet topics) and I only read those threads. There are all these huge
threads I skip.

What's more important than what's skipped is: what isn't available to
read at all.

gnome-hackers-readonly was the right idea in my opinion, but - hey, I'm
probably not going to read the whole thread about whether we should go
back to it ;-)

The reality is that GNOME is *more* closed because the open forum is
unusable, so there isn't useful stuff to read, even read-only. The
useful stuff is on intranets, private IRC, project-specific lists, and
so forth.

Don't get me wrong; the core GNOME contributors *also* post a lot of
useless crap, I'm guilty in the past; but occasionally our useless crap
has the social function of coordinating the core group, getting people
on the same page, or venting big conflicts. Sometimes it has no function
at all, but at least it's lower-volume than reading *everyone's* useless
posts. ;-)


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