Re: Exciting GNOME?


Em Ter, 2005-02-15 �13:39 -0800, Eugenia Loli-Queru escreveu:
> >Look at this:
> >A nice icon theme. Colors and Life
> Sorry, but this is just not "gnome". What we see in this icon theme is 
> cartoonish-style icons that have absolutely no consistency in terms of 
> orientation. It's a mix'n'mash.
> IF the gnome icon theme is too change (personally I am against it at this 
> point), the icon theme used must have the SAME orientation for all icons.
> The BeOS felt consistent on the desktop from the first sight, exactly 
> because all its icons had the same palette, same orientation, same design. 
> It felt _uniformed_. The icon theme you proposed has none of these 
> qualities.
> Rgds,
> Eugenia

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