Re: Exciting GNOME?

Spark wrote:

I agree. With some work, this can be the new default Gnome theme as long there is no work done on GTK+ itself to support better more eye candy themes. If the same gtk code is included for the next gnome, then we have no choice but to include something simpler, like ClearLooks.

Now, on to the theme itself, there are two things that need fixing:
1. The tab color for the inactive tabs is too dark. People with some eye sight problem will have a hard time to read the black text on the dark grey. Please make the dark grey color a bit less dark. 2. Tone up the colors of the grandients on the widgets. The grandient is NOT visible on any of my two LCDs. On CRTs is borderline visible, but on LCDs it is not and so they must be toned up a bit. 3. Add a dark-grey line between the menu and the toolbars. Make it more distinct than it is here:

Everaldo wrote:
This CleanLooks is nice but I dont like menus... I think that menu need
to be same aspect at tool bar like original BlueCurve.

I disagree. It is good usability to have a different background color for menu/toolbars because it gives the user easier distinction between the two instead of a flat look that you need to target with your mouse. It would be even better if a dark line (instead of the current light line) is also added between them.

I dont like Clearlooks menu style. I think that the original style menu
of BlueCurve is better.

Sorry, but I disagree again. The Bluecurve --while extremely consistent and well-designed-- is a flat-looking theme with no easy color distiction between widgets and background window color. It's so 90s.


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